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Q: Osirus, what happened to your nose?
A: I have just returned from Rome ...

I first heard the Firesign Theatre as a young hippie, in a San Francisco apartment, on the radio. Turned on the radio and there it was. Tuned into the middle of a show, so I had NO IDEA of what was going on for a while.

I haven't put up anything here for a year and a half! Aargh. How time flies when you're holed up in your condo, running out of money, terrified of social contact. But I've learned a heck of a lot about Islamic history. My Arabic studies are going nowhere, however.

More discipline! Achtung! Overcome procrastination, break threatening tasks into tiny tidbits, enter into my scheduling software (Above and Beyond), try to form better habits. Meditate and exercise every day, diet, keep house clean, care for garden, finish ALL my old sewing projects (all hundred of them), FIND JOB, write novel, write for Wikipedia, proofread at Distributed Proofreaders ..

I'm tired just thinking about it. I think I'll go lie down.

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How lovely to find an entry of yours this morning. Just reading all the things on your list makes me want to take a lie down.

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