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A clean room

At last. My away-at-college daughter's old bunkbed is dismantled and sitting on the lanai, waiting for pickup by the Salvation Army truck. The computer desk and the shelves are going too. I moved everything, mopped the entire floor, and made a start on cleaning the wire racks in the closet. Everything but her books (which she needs to sort) is packed into file boxes. It's CLEAN! CLEAN!

If and when I get a job, I'll get a twin storage bed to go under her mattress. I've got my eye on an inexpensive collapsible cutting table from Clothilde. After the truck removes the old furniture (Friday!) I'll move my sewing machines into the room and sort my mounds of sewing stuff into cheap wheeled plastic drawers.

It will be a sewing room/guest room/daughter's room when she's staying here, instead of a dirty den that I enter at my peril.

She is ambivalent. She says she doesn't consider it her room any longer, doesn't care what I do with it, doesn't want to help me shop for the new bed, etc. etc. OTOH, she's insistent that nothing of hers be thrown away and gets extremely prickly and curt when I try to discuss anything to do with the room. I spose growing up is hard to do.
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