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Bong, bong, bong, etc.

I spent last night at the zendo, participating in the New Year's Eve retreat.

But first I had to get there. A perilous trek, over hill and dale, freeway and private road, firecrackers to the right of me, firecrackers to the left of me. Several times I had to drive OVER popping strings of firecrackers, while gritting my teeth and hoping that a spark wouldn't ignite my gas-tank.

I didn't manage to sit the full five hours. It's not just the arthritic hip; I get ugly pains in my neck and shoulders. So I sat as much as I could and spent some periods on a sofa on the lanai, petting Mouser, the templekeeper's cat. Mouser finally got as much petting as he wanted. 45 minutes straight was *enough*.

We ended the retreat with 108 bongs on the temple bell, to drive away evil spirits, then adjourned to the lanai and snacks. Also an impromptu bout of taiko drumming, which I'm sure our few neighbors RILLY RILLY appreciated.

I was the cook in charge this morning, making Persian omelets (kukus) for everyone who had stayed over. The curried cauliflower omelet was a big hit.

Tonight: a kanikapila at the zendo. I'm going to teach them to filk.
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